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new year's eve. abc7 news reporter joins us from petaluma with the search warrants. >> south lake tahoe is where the search is focused. in petaluma ma the pictures of burn bun are -- alyssa byrne, 19 years old, 5' 3". black air. blue eyes. here is a better picture of alyssa byrne, a young woman, 19 years. a graduate of casa grande high school. she went for the snowglobe music festival and staying at the horizon hotels and lives with her folks in petaluma and always send as text to her mom.
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they argue sometimes but if that is the problem, all is forgive were. i want you do know you are not in trouble. i want you home. we want you home so we know you are safe. >> facebook page has been set up for alyssa byrne called find alyssa byrne. investigators have been checking out the surveillance video from the casinos up there and i do not have anything to report. they have talkd to her friends trying to find out what the series of events was. she was spotted at midnight in the hotel and not seen or heard from since. the investigation focusing on the south shore and if she comes home, all is forgiven. >> murder charges could be
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brought against a san jose custodian who shot and killed a suspected car thief. police say the 26-year-old hernandez confront add 36-year-old in an underground garage of summer breeze apartments. >> it was precipitated what the shooter believed to be auto burglary occurring or about to occur. >> the garage has been the scene of several car burglaries. the district attorney will determine the intent before deciding whether to go with murder charges. hernandez will appear in court tomorrow. >> classes have resumed this morning for the children at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. the survivors of the deadly shooting program page are in a new school in the neighboring community of monroe. here is new video from monroe as the first students started to arrive. this was originally a middle school but it was modified for the younger kids over the past
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few weeks. you can see the students and teachers. the superintendent said they will do everything possible to make students feel at ease, using regular schedule today. a normal day. last night the students and families were welcomed with an open house at new campus. a lot of security is in place. buses are arriving. during the open house students seed gift boxes with toys need and they shared reunions with teachers all to make them feel at ease and loveed. the campus was a middle school so sinks and toilets were lowered and the gym was remodels. administration the kids get off the bus they will find classes have been made to look like the classroom at sandy hook elementary school down to the art on the wall. the school has been renamed sandy hook elementary school. experts say this familiarity will help the children adjust to
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returning to school. >> the 113th congress is sworn in this morning. among the freshman is a local man who upset a 40 year incumbent pete stark who falsely claimed he took bribes from developers. he will represent the newly formed 15th district. another new face is huffman who won the seat in the 2nd district held by representative woolsey. >> the first order of business today for the house of representatives will be a vote for the speakership. ohio republican speaker boehner is expected to sale through the election and retain his position. however, today's election comes amid several set backs for speaker boehner. northeast republicans are upset over postponing of the vote for super storm sandy relief and conservative republicans are upset how the fiscal cliff deal turned out. >> the fiscal cliff deal is now officially signed into law and
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president obama did that using a pen that copies his signature. president obama is back in hawaii on vacation with the first family. the house of representatives pass add fiscal cliff deal on tuesday night after the senate approved it. >> for the first time in two days a "spare the air" alert is nut in effect so you can legally use your fireplace. however, the bay area air quality management district is asking you still avoid doing so. officials say pollution levels in the air could build to unhealthy levels today if enough people decide to light a fire. that could force a "spare the air the air" alert. we will talk about the frost and the air. that is ahead. the embarcardero is one of the warmer spots but, city, nut terribly warm. we will check with your abc7
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morning commute from the traffic center. >> the holidays could be over but the work is not done at ups, today is a very busy day at the shipping company.
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>> we are coming up on 6:10. there is too much moisture in the air around santa rosa and
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the temperature is down to 27 degrees. black ice could be a possibility there. sue says there is a possibility on the peninsula, as well, with details in a second. it is getting frosty. redwood city is 32. san jose is at 34. in the 20's around concord and 30 in fairfield and livermore. be careful. by the afternoon hours we will have high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. same tomorrow but rain is more likely saturday night and sunday. >> to the bay bridge we had an early stall on the s curve before treasure island. the incline was sluggish and then it moving okay on the western side of the span. we have metering lines on the bay bridge with minor backup and it will extend shortly if the cars are clearing from the
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incline section. westbound 780, at glenn coffee, an accident blocking the right lane. the willow road on-ramp to westbound 80 we have a stall blocking a lane and northbound 280, we have reports of a spin out because of black ice. be very cautious in that area. the car was able to drive away on its own. it is very slick in certain spots. look at the drive times. not bad into pleasanton, highway four is slowing from on theback toward pittsburgh and concord and the east shore freeway is under 20 minutes. kristen and katie? >> thank you. the ups expects today to be the busiest day of the year for returns. katie guessed correctly and today is "national run day." ups celebrates by shipping half
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a million packages back to retailers. officials say they have seen a 15 percent increase of returns last year. >> starbucks is on every street corner and now the coffee giant is expanding again and is ready to open shot in a brand new country. >> first, imagine righting a bicycle standing up. we have a new ride and whether you may want to consider it for part of your fitness
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>> san rafael and south bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:15. nice spin right there in the atmosphere. we are getting hit by high clouds. the radar returns are to the north. high clouds after a frosty start. we will hit the upper 40's to low 50's by noon. at 4:00 we will be in the mid-50's and fall back to upper 30's to mid-40's by 7:00. >> thank you, mike. >> if the new year's resolution is to get in better shape, there are a lot of choices for exercise equipment. michael and our partners at "consumer reports" look at a new hybrid model of bicycle. >> good morning. are you looking to give your work out a kick start in the new year? "consumer reports" has interesting exercise devices that help you burn off the
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treats if you do not mind odd looks from the neighbors. >> i thought to myself, what the heck is that? >> this cycle is like nothing you have seen. >> they are weird looking. it was intimidating to get on there the first time. >> they are a cross between a bicycle and a trainer the. >> i like standing up, my butt did not hurt. i appreciated that. >> i could give the work out a boost. >> i was huffing and puffing and i run all the time. "consumer reports" wanted to know what is the deal. >> like a bicycle, this puts less stress on the joints but unlike a bicycle there is in seat so you cannot it is and coast so you could get a better workout. >> we tested two cycles with 14 panelists because they do not handle as well as a bicycle and testers found they worked best on paveed trails away from traffic. the street sprinter has three wheels and you steer by leaning
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your body like you are skiing. the handle bars move back-and-forth so it is a full body work out. the $1,600 price tag gives your wallet a work out. the second cycle is rated higher, pore like a bicycle, with two wheels and using handle bars to steer but unfortunately, the cost is more challenging at $1,800. >> if price was not an issue i would buy one. it was a good time. a good work out. a lot of fun. both can be used indoors but you have to buy a separate stand for another $300 to $400. consumer reports tested 31 traditional machines and named one a "best buy" for $1,000, the afg 3.1, with items that you find on the more expensive
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machines. >> you have to be covered up in layers to jog outdoors. >> more people are agriculture joing up and down the embarcardero, probably the new year's resolutions. >> we will check in two weeks. >> we said the story after eight weeks it drops off considerably. that was interesting. >> i cannot wait that long for everyone to clear out. good morning, to you at 6:18. look the at bay bridge, to san francisco, crisp, clean air, not a "spare of air" this morning. clear of radar returns and clouds. the dry air is making it cold. look all the 20's inland to 32 in redwood city. san francisco is the warm spot right now, and salinas, warm too. mostly sunny this afternoon, not as cold the next few days and
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rain more likely saturday night and sunday. mid-to-upper 50's and a few moore -- more high clouds but a lot of sunshine. upper 50's in morgan hills, and tonight, a few 20's but most of the reporting stations are in the 30's and mid-30's to mid-40's around the bay shore and to the coast and the black ice is less of a problem tonight. the dominant areas of high pressure, ripping the storm apart and spinning the energy trying to breakthrough the high but it will not happen. at 7:00 in the morning, you can see a few high clouds and by noon the radar returns are best in the northern section of our state and the front falls apart as the high pressure takes over and drains the energy. now, this is a medium-range forecast model so the grid is bigger and that is why you see the bigger areas of rain but i wanted to give you an idea of what will happen.
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saturday night 9 light rain moves in. light-to-moderate on saturday night into sunday morning and look what novembers at the same time: snow in the sierra and rain for the better part of sunday and snow in sierra. so saturday is the dryer of the days and tuesday and wednesday, we are back to near 60 with sunshine. >> we have an accident westbound at 780 blocking a lane of traffic here, and it is in the clearing phases but you can see slow traffic all the way toward the westbound 780. we also had a stall blocking the willow on-ramp to westbound 80. that is in the clearing stages. you may find slow traffic. black ice on the peninsula, north 280 at woodside road, a car, a solo spinout, was able to drive away but very slick conditions. from san rafael, the areas by
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the parkway, moving nicely south 101 to the golden gate bridge with four lanes to the southbound commute to san francisco. and sluggish you can see where 580 messages with 80 with slow traffic beyond golden gate field and it picks up at berkeley and the toll plaza has metering lights on. >> if you thought starbucks could not get any larger, think again. the coffee giant has announced expansion plans into formally unimaginable territory. >> new rumors surrounding apple. some are saying we should expect new products from the
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>> welcome back. the high temperatures show 54 in antioch and 58 in oakland and san jose, and snow 114 percent up to today. a year ago it was only 19 percent. radar shows quiet but for the northwest corner with rain possible. we will have snow in sierra this weekend but today sunshine and mid-40's, and mid to upper 30's in the value central and upper 60's in southern california. kristen? >> now, what is trending on
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twitter right now in the bay area. al-jazeera, the cable network, is taking over san francisco's current tv, trending, which is cofounded by former vice president al gore and congress trending today, and we mentioned 113th congress will be sworn in today on capitol hill. and warriors had a win. you can follow us on twitter. >> starbucks is coming to vietnam. they announced they will set up the first store in the country early next month. they will on the shop in ho chi minh city. they are already operating 3,000 stores across 11 countries in asia. >> new this morning, new yet familiar rumors surrounding cupertino's apple. there has been talk of a new i-watch and today the "los angeles times" reports that
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analyst firm says apple could release a new smart watch by next year sparking a trend of wearable computers, last week rumors surfaced they are working on a blue tooth watch to work with the iphone. other rumors include an people tv that could be on the market next year for holiday shopping season with face time and a new apple tv set-top box and something for the laptop. >> warriors are making a statement that they are for real. last night they blew out the first-place clippers. curry led with 31 points and david lee add the 24 points with 13 rebounds and got 113-94 victory, 2 1/2 games from the clippers in first place. >> tickets are harder and harder to come by. >> still ahead, get ready to pay more for the value meal with
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fast food chain raising prices across the board. >> and from the abc7 traffic center you can see metering lights are on at the bay bridge and sluggish on the upper deck with an early stall that cleared from the s curve area with remaining slow traffic in san francisco with more on the thursday morning commute when we come back after the break on
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ing live outside the embarcardero in san francisco, and it looks calm, it
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feels cold. went to give you a warning that profit -- frost and black ice is possible. >> i am kristen and this is katie marzullo. >> mike will tell us how low the temperatures are going to drop. bewe should be used to it this week. >> get used to scraping the ice. it has happened three days in a row. good morning, everyone. the air is dry and the lack of radar runs and the perfect situation for the frosty temperatures to develop. around the bay we are getting frost developing, with temperatures down to around 30 degrees in palo alto and campbell at 31 and santa clara at 31. we will be in the low-to-mid 50's. inland valleys are frosty with the mid-20's to mid-30's. we will have high clouds and
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sunshine, and upper 40's to mid-50's. the coast is getting cold at 35 to 41 but i have not heard of frost developing. we will be near the upper 40's at noon and low-to-mid 50's around 4:00 and everyone will fall in the 40's with mainly clear sky this evening. >> we have a still westbound 780 approaching 80 at glencoe you can see slow traffic in the clearing stages, but, still, blocking the right lane. to the santa cruz mountains west of saratoga, power pole down in the roadway with an early accident where a car hit the pole and pg&e is on the scene. there was a question whether it could be the phone line. crews are trying to clear that so expect delays. black ice is very cold with reports of a solo spinout at woodside road north 280.
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the car was able to drive away but very slick conditions. it is chilly and freezing weather. the san mateo bridge is getting busy moving from hayward, and industrial and the toll plaza to the westbound direction. eastbound is looking good, too, from san mateo to hayward and san jose the headlights from san jose to cupertino area, highway 17 overcrossing and not seeing a problem here for san jose commute this morning. kristen and katie? >> developing new from daly city after a violent family fight that sent two to the hospital. our news reporter joins us live where what led up to the violent confrontation. >> katie, police just cleared the scene here in daly city, called to the crown colony condominium to respond to a stabbing. they say that they realized a father and a son got into a
6:32 am
might and the father was stabbed several times by his 19-year-old son. this shocked the security guards here. >> it is scary no one what it is. i walk around here by myself with nothing but a flashlight and people are stabbing each other so it is unfortunate to hear. >> police say the son was hit in the head during the fight and he is a 19-year-old man. both were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> thank you for that story. developing news from san francisco. police say five men in their 20's used a knife and guns to terrorize residents in the richmond district. the home invasion happened early this morning on 40th avenue. no one was hurt. the armed men stole money, wallets, electronics and luggage but gone when police arrived. >> more developing news. family and friends are searching
6:33 am
for a missing teen who disappeared in south lake tahoe on new year's eve. the 19-year-old alyssa byrne was seen living -- leaving a music festival on way back to the motel. they got to the room an hour later her friends say alyssa byrne was not there. they tried to call and text and could not reach her. her mother says she has never runaway and not aware of any trouble in her life. >> a facebook page has been set up and facebook say the police are looking at the surveillance video and they traced the last cell phone to the area where the concert was. >> and a 21-year-old will appear if court and the death penalty could be sought or life without
6:34 am
few role along with two other suspects in the death of a millionaire entrepreneur. a fourth suspect is charged as accessory. they are accused home invasion robbery and murder of an entrepreneur millionaire at his home in november. his wife was assaulted, as well. >> if less than half an hour, the chp will accept job applications for the first time in three years. you have to apply online. officials say the ideal candidate is a u.s. citizen without felony convictions, with at least at high school diploma. new officers earn more than $67,000 a year after they graduate. there is a link on >> witness whose saw a man kill a dog during a street robbery in san francisco are vowing to help find the attacker. police released the surveillance video showing the robber running
6:35 am
from the scene after killing the dog. the owner says the man threw her dog in traffic after robbing her on friday in tenderloin. people who saw it will be posting his picture in the area and police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> right now the survivors of last in's deadly school shooting rampage if connecticut are in the new school this morning. there is video from the new campus in monroe not far from sandy hook as the first students starting to arrive in school buses. 400 students are back at school. this was originally a middle school campus. it was modified for the younger kids. sinks and toilets were lowered. the gym was remodels. classes look like the classrooms at sandy hook elementary school, down to the art on the walls. experts say the familiarity will help the children adjust to returning to school. >> we want to get back to school
6:36 am
and engage in routine we are helping kids to do that and to have a natural, healthy recovery. >> the new school has been renamed sandy hook elementary school. >> hopefully they have a good day. >> traffic and weeks ago are next on the morning news. now, outside, for a live look at the sun coming up. mike will have the full accweather profit and we will check on the traffic center, as well. >> new this morning, tech is out, duck down under. what is behind the giant yellow rubber ducky in this harbor in
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>> we have new information on black ice. copper pill road in morgan hills, there is report of black
6:39 am
ice and black ice around woodside drive and north 280 and possibly around santa rosa where the most moisture is lingering with fog and visibility down to 1.25 and the temperature is 27 degrees. redwood city has frost on the peninsula, as well, at 32. this afternoon, high clouds and sunshine. temperatures are close to average, mid-to-upper 50's. tomorrow, the same, and saturday and sunday, we have been watching the storm system. we thought it would stay over the ocean but it will bring us rain saturday night into sunday. >> we have good news westbound 780 at glencoe cleared out, so traffic will be improving. and mass transit, everyone is on schedule on thursday morning with no delays for anyone, a great way to go if you are out and about and your drive times show highway 24 from walnut creek, that is a nice drive, and southbound 101 from santa rosa
6:40 am
is un20 minutes, and san mateo bridge is looking good. and moderate traffic headed through the central valley and livermore area. it is not too bad until you reach portero. >> look at this, a giant rubber duck is turning heads in australia which is what it is supposed to do. the 50' tall inflateable duck is calling attention to the sydney festival where the harbor will be turned into a giant bathtub. a new zealand sail maker built it, it too three weeks and half an hour to fully inflate it. >> they will let people put bubble bath solution in the harbor. they go together, right? >> 6:41. forget the 99 cent value meal
6:41 am
because the price has increased. >> trading is underway on wall street. the dow is starting out down this morning, down 47 points. we will go live to bloomberg at the new york stock exchange
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>> walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. high temperatures today are warmest around oakland and fremont and san jose 58 to 359 in morgan hill and antioch and fairfield and vallejo is 54. the snow pack is good today 134 percent of average. last year, remember, at 19
6:44 am
percent? the ski resorts were not hopping because there was so little snow live radar across the state is dry. rain around eureka is possible and crescent city and mid-to-upper 50's through central valley and mid-to-upper 60's down south. katie and where this comes from,
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right here. >> if your coffee is too bit are you need some good bay area coffee. >> yes, i need some peet's coffee. >> wendy's has crossed over the $1 threshhold with the value menu, the 99 cent value menu is out replaced by beefed up choices called "right price, rice size." they have a price from 99 cents to $1.99 intended to give budget
6:47 am
minded families more options at a time that food supplies are higher. mcdonald's has menus up to $2. >> now i am hungry. >> google's antitrust problems could end today. >> bad news for subaru owners. now to the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. we are hearing 600,000 cars and s.u.v.'s are being recalled because moisture causes a short circuit in subaru including the outback from 2010 to 2011. subaru will put in an extra fuse for you, for free, to fix the problem. today a big day if google for those worried about antitrust allegations. sources say today is the day they will resolve the issue in some time of voluntary settlement. at issue is business practices
6:48 am
related to smartphone technology and what google could have done to trip up the competitors. yesterday investors celebrated the fiscal cliff deal. much quieter start today and we are lower, but nothing dramatic and the dow is down 40 points and the silicon valley index is trading lower. watch for changes and new product offering on facebook, maybe not right away but analysts say video advertising and music and streaming music services and social search engine and gift suggestions are among the developments facebook may pursue to generate profits. >> thanks so much. >> mike you have been warning us of the possibility for black ice and now we see it. >> yes, morgan hill and 280 northbound and the possibility in santa rosa so it is cold this morning. be careful. if the car starts to slip on the
6:49 am
black ice try to turn into the swerve until you get into the less slick pavement. now, sausalito and angel island, all the way down to the bay bridge it looks beautiful this morning. now, without the clouds we do not have rain. without the rain and the clouds we have very cold conditions the check this out, still in the 20's inland to 32 in redwood city, the coldest spot with 30's around palo alto and san francisco is the warm spot at 42 degrees along with fremont. mostly sunny this afternoon and a gorgeous afternoon, nice day to be outside, but not as cold the next few days and rain is more likely for saturday night. today, mid-to-upper 50's with 58 at half moon bay and palo alto,
6:50 am
and san jose. inland we have morgan hill at 59 and everyone else is at least 60's and frost will not be a big issue with mid-30's to mid-40's. dominant area of high pressure shoved off to the east by the area of low pressure but it is holding on for now. that is why this system rolled toward us we will have a few high clouds and it will make for a beautiful sunrise and by noon the system falls apart and that leaves us with sunshine this afternoon. jumping ahead to saturday night, our medium-range forecast models, we open up the grid and we go out this far to show it is spreading us with light rain across all neighborhoods during the evening, and overnight hours and through the better part of sunday. if you are headed to sierra, you
6:51 am
will have fresh powder on saturday. when we pull out of the system on tuesday and wednesday we will have sunshine and near 60 degrees. >> thank you, mike, eastbound 80, richmond at central avenue, it is the reverse commute. there is a huge problem on lanes two and three because of a pothole. this is eastbound 80. westbound is looking good. it is bunching up around 580 where they merge. and it picks up moving to mcarthur. the san mateo bridge, it is crowded westbound moving from hayward side to the high wise and foster city, and westbound is looking, well, pretty good, the commute is about again minutes, a little bit over average. the eastbound direction is moving nicely toward hayward from foster city.
6:52 am
highway nine, pg&e has a crew there, and that is a power pole that is down and they hope to have that at least in progress by 7:00. in word on when they will actually have that cleared out. a new stall northbound 880, in oakland area at the 5th street off-ramp. kristen and katie? >> five things to know before you go. morn
6:53 am
>> good morning, a live look outside shows a beautiful shot from east bay hills, with the sun rising. it will be a gorgeous but cold morning. then we will have warmer temperatures that mike will discuss in a moment. >> as we get ready to hand it off, here are five things to know before you go. number one, five armed men broke into a residence in san francisco's outer richmond
6:54 am
district. between five and ten people were inside the residence when the invasion happened before 3:00 this morning. money and electronics were stolen. there were no injuries. >> family and friends are searching for a missing petaluma teen who disappeared on new year's eve after leaving a music festival and headed back to the hotel. she never showed up. three, the class kid foundation named for polly kloss is parking what would be her 32nd birthday. she was kidnapped and murdered in 1993, 20 years ago. this morning, her father will unveil new high-tech tools for parents to help protect and locate their children. >> number four, more than 400 students who survived last month's deadly school shooting rampage in connecticut are in the new school. here is new video from the updated campus not too far from sandy hook elementary school.
6:55 am
>> number five, tonight, the east palo alto city council will request state disaster funds to help solve a flooding problem. the big storm just before christmas caused the creek to flood several homes. >> a final check on the accweather forecast that includes frost. mike in. >> temperatures are in the 20's and 30's around the bay area with frost and black ice possible because of the clear nature of the sky and the cold air that is developing. as we head into the afternoon hour, high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the low to upper 50's and mid-to-upper 50's for the rest of us. >> we look at the bay bridge toll plaza and 9 -- the metering lights are on but there is an accident before the toll in the right lane so be warned. they are sluggish on the upper deck, and 80 eastbound in central at richmond, a big pothole in the middle lane causing flat tires.
6:56 am
that is reverse commute direction but it is still a problem. >> thank you everyone, for joining us. abc7 morning news continues in 20 minutes during "good morning america." >> we are always on at abc7 have a great day. we will see you tomorrow morning.
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good morning, america. new this morning, hillary clinton out of the hospital. her smiling family by her side. her doctors say she's headed for a full recovery after that life-threatening blood clot. we have new details about her long-term prognosis. what are the risks this can happen again? happening right now, the comeback kids. the little elementary school students from sandy hook are on their way to school this morning. police calling their classrooms the safest in the nation. we talk to parents who say they won't leave their children's side. that high-stakes trial begins with a bang for the woman charged with killing her boyfriend in a vicious rage after he broke up with her. the startling clue inside his washing machine. and the dramatic evidence that shocked the courtroom. and meet the world's smallest sportscaster. the 3-year-old play-by-play wizard, who is going viral this

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